Price List

Price for 1 person and 1 night - from 18 € to 32 €
two-bed room - from 28 € to 40 €
three-bed room - from 36 € to 51 €
four-bed room - from 48 € to 52 €

There is a single pricelist for all guests throughout the whole year. The prices depend on the room equipment, length of the stay (uninterrupted), number of accomodatet persons and availability of rooms. For regular guests, some special discounts can be provided. Parking for a personal car in fence-surrounded parking lot of the Guest House costs 3 € per day of stay.

The payment is done as soon as you arrive in the hotel, eventually according to agreement. You can pay also in a foreign currency (EUR, USD, CZK, PLN, UAH, HUF) according to current exchange rate the day before your arrival to the hotel. The changes of prices are reserved.